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Welcome Medpace Group!

We are very excited to welcome your group to Peru for an amazing, culturally immersive experience! 

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Detailed Trip Itinerary

Kusa Treks – Medpace Peru Trip

High Level Itinerary​

  • May 25: Flight to Lima*. Casa Andina Premium.

  • May 26: Flight LIM to CUZ. Free afternoon and welcome dinner in Cusco. Sonesta Hotel.

  • May 27: Free morning in Cusco. Morning Tour of Cusco. Sonesta Hotel in Cusco.

  • May 28: Tour of the Sacred Valley (full-day). Hotel Sol Natura in Ollantaytambo.

  • May 29: Train to trailhead. Short Inca Trail hike. Casa Del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique hotel.

  • May 30: Tour of Machu Picchu. Train to Cusco. Hotel Xima Exclusive in Cusco.

  • May 31: Rainbow Mountain Hike OR Cooking Class. Hotel Xima Exclusive in Cusco.

  • June 1: Tour of Maras and Moray. Flight to Lima.

  • June 2: Flight from Lima to Cincinnati.



  • 2 in country flights (LIM – CUZ – LIM)

    • *Option to add international flight from CVG (Cincinnati)

  • 4 transfers (airport – hotel – airport)

  • 7 hotel nights

  • Guided tour of Cusco

  • Guided tour of the Sacred Valley

  • Short Inca Trail hike

  • Guided tour of Machu Picchu

  • Guided tour of Maras and Moray

  • Guided tour of Rainbow Mountain OR Cooking Classes

  • Roundtrip train tickets

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Meals described in the itinerary below (8 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 Dinners)

  • All entrance fees of the activities described



  • Alcoholic & supplemental non-alcoholic beverages / snacks

  • Tips & gratuities

  • Personal expenses

  • Souvenirs

Detailed Itinerary


May 25: Welcome to Peru!

  • Meals Included: None

  • Accommodation: Casa Andina Premium Hotel in Miraflores.


For those that booked international flights, the trip will start by taking United Flight UA 6242, which departs CVG at 9:10AM and has a layover in Houston, TX from 10:48AM until 4:30PM. You will then board Flight UA 854, which departs Houston at 4:30PM and arrives to Lima, Peru (LIM) at 11:00PM. 

After clearing customs, you will be met by a Kusa Treks representative who will lead you to your private transfer to the Miraflores district of Lima, which is a ~45 minute drive.


NOTE: Exact flight times are subject to change/delay, due to airline.

NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


May 26: Flight to Cusco and Free Afternoon in Cusco

  •  Meals Included: Breakfast and Welcome Dinner

  • Accommodation: Hotel Sonesta in Cusco


You will have an early breakfast at the hotel and will then be picked up from your hotel and driven back to the Lima Airport for your flight to Cusco.


The group will board LATAM Flight #LA 2223, which departs LIM at 11:00AM and lands in Cusco (CUZ) at 12:20PM. Your Kusa Treks guide will meet you at baggage claim in the Cusco airport and take you to your hotel, which is a short walk away from the city center of Cusco, the Plaza de Armas.


You will have the rest of the day to relax, acclimate to the higher elevation and take in the wonderful sites of this UNESCO Heritage City. Lunch is on your own today. Your guide will be able to give you recommendations for several wonderful restaurants in Cusco, which is quickly becoming one of the world’s culinary destinations!


In the evening the group will enjoy a cultural and culinary experience at Tunupa during your Welcome Dinner.


NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


May 27: Tour of Cusco

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Accommodation: Hotel Sonesta in Cusco


Today you will visit Cusco, a beautiful, colonial city in South America, declared by UNESCO as part of the Cultural Heritage of mankind.


The first stop on your tour is the Cathedral Basilica of the Virgin of the Assumption, a beautiful Spanish building that dominates the city center. After visiting the cathedral, you will walk down the Avenida El Sol to the very center of the Inca Empire: Coricancha (Q’oricancha), or the Temple of the Sun. At this incredible site you will witness a stark contrast between the Inca and Spanish methods of construction. This temple was the physical and spiritual center of the Incas.


After touring Coricancha, you will take a 25-minute bus ride to the outskirts of Cusco, where you will visit 4 unique Inca archaeological sites.

  1. The first site you will visit is Sacsayhuaman, which is a vast, incredible site covered in, 200-ton monoliths!

  2. From Sacsayhuaman you will take a five-minute van ride to the Q’enqo Inca site, which is famous for being home to several Inca Alters.

  3. Your next site is Puca Pucara, a small, circular Inca post built as a lookout.

  4. The final stop on this tour is Tambomachay, which was built by the Incas as a Water Temple. It has several impressive water fountains, which are thought to have been used by the Incas for bathing.


NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


May 28: Sacred Valley Tour

  •  Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Accommodation: Hotel Sol Natura in Ollantaytambo


Your Kusa Treks guide will pick you up from your hotel lobby at 8AM. Your tour will be in a private van as you drive from Cusco through the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley was one of the main areas the Incas settled because of its abundance of fertile plains in the high-lands of the Andes.


The first stop on the tour will be at a famous point called El Mirador (the Lookout Point). From this vantage point, you will see the majority of the Sacred Valley as it stretches out below you. It’s an incredible site!


After this beautiful site, you will visit the ruins of Pisac Fortress where you learn more about Inca culture. In Pisac you will see amazing works of stone art and impressive agricultural terraces. After touring this site, you will drive down below the ruins of the Fortress to the 600-year old town of Pisac to visit a bustling handicraft market. Your guide will show some good booths where you can sharpen your bargaining skills with the local merchants.


Following your visit in Pisac, you will take a quick drive to the town of Urubamba, where you will enjoy lunch at a local Andean restaurant.


After lunch the tour will continue with a drive along the Urubamba River towards the town of Ollantaytambo. Upon reaching Ollantaytambo, you will visit a massive set of Inca ruins. This site was built during the height of the Inca empire and is an incredible example of Inca ingenuity and construction. The tour ends around 3pm with a drop off at your hotel in Ollantaytambo.


NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


May 29: Short Inca Trail Trek

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Accommodation: Casa del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique Hotel


It will be early start today, a Kusa Treks van will pick you up from your hotel around 06:30AM and drive 5-10 minutes to the train station in Ollantaytambo. Here you will board an Expedition Train for the Trail Head of the Short Inca Trail (Km 104). After an hour and 45-minute train ride, you will start today’s hike on the Inca Trail by submitting your passports at a control check point.

*NOTE: For those that do not want to hike, there is an option to stay on the train all the way to your hotel in Aguas Calientes.*


Today you will hike on the exact same path that the Incas built hundreds of years ago!​ The hike is ~7 miles and will take 6-7 hours, with several stops along the way to visit Inca ruins, archeological sites and natural wonders.


The largest of these sites is called Wiñay Wayna (affectionately known as “Baby Machu Picchu”). Your guide will explain the importance and meaning of this site, after which you will enjoy a 5-course meal prepared by our team of chefs! The hike will continue through a cloud forest full of bromeliads, orchids and tree ferns, which combine to make a dazzling display of Andean beauty.


The final part of the hike will take you up a set of steep stairs to reach the “Sun Gate”, where you will have an incredible vantage point to view the ruins of Machu Picchu below. By now it will be late afternoon, and you will begin to descend the stone steps built by the Incas. At each turn a different and wonderful view of Machu Picchu will present itself.


Around sunset, your guide will lead you past the entrance of Machu Picchu to a bus stop, where you will take a 25-minute bus down to the charming town of Aguas Calientes. In Aguas Calienes the group will enjoy a lovely meal at a local restaurant and then turn in for the night at your hotel.


NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


May 30: Tour of Machu Picchu

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Accommodation: Hotel Xima in Cusco


Today you will discover Machu Picchu, the world-famous sacred city of the Incas and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You will take the same bus you took last night after your hike, back up to the entrance gates of Machu Picchu, which open at 6AM.


All of our guides have been to Machu Picchu hundreds of times and will lead you to the best places to view the ruins. Once the city begins to fill with more tourists, you will start your guided tour, starting with the impressive Temple of the Sun. You will see several iconic areas of Machu Picchu including: The Citadel, The Royal Tomb, the Main Plaza, the Condor Temple and more.


After the guided tour, you will have time to explore the ruins on your own. Those who have permits to climb Huayna Picchu will do that hike after your guided tour. Following free time, you will take bus back to Aguas Calientes in the early afternoon. Depending on the train schedule, you will either have time for lunch in Aguas Calientes or you will head straight for the train station.  From Aguas Calientes, the train will travel 2 hours to the Ollantaytambo station, where our private van will be waiting to take you the remaining 2-3 hours back to Cusco.

NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


May 31: Option 1 – Rainbow Mountain Hike

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Accommodation: Hotel Xima Exclusive in Cusco


The day will begin with an early morning pick-up from your hotel. You will commence on a 3.5 drive in a private van, passing through traditional villages to the trail head. Once you reach the trail head, you will stop and enjoy a hearty breakfast, prepared by our professional chef.

After breakfast the hike will start from the town of Chillca, located at 12,100 feet. The hike is a gradual ascent for approximately 3-hours. The high altitude makes this hike particularly difficult, but the incredible destination makes it all worth it!

During the hike, you will enjoy amazing views of the surrounding Andes, glacial peaks, red mountains, rocky hills, and traditional llamas and alpacas that graze in this valley. This is one of the few places in the world where you can see wild Vicuñas (the Andean camel). Vicuñas are in the same family as llamas, although they are much smaller. Their wool is the most expensive wool in the world. One sweater made of Vicuña wool is more than $5,000!

Once you arrive at the top of Rainbow Mountain, you will have time to absorb the majesty of the colorful mountains that surround you. After taking pictures and soaking in the views, you will begin the descent back to the trail head. This will be a 2-hour, downhill hike. You will meet up with our professional chef and enjoy a freshly prepared hot lunch.


After lunch you will get back in the van for the return trip back to the hotel in Cusco, arriving around 8PM.


NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.



May 31: Option 2 – Peruvian Cooking Class

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Accommodation: Hotel Xima Exclusive in Cusco


You will start today on a shopping trip to the Mercado Central de San Pedro (San Pedro Central Market), where you will shop for local ingredients that will be used later. Your guide will give you a tour the historic San Pedro Market, which is the largest market in Cusco and a wonderful place to experience local culture.


After the shopping trip you will have a short 5-10 minute walk to a professional kitchen located near the main plaza of Cusco. You will have a professional chef provide your group with instructions on how to make a delicious 4-course Peruvian meal using local ingredients (including some that you just purchased!).


The group will sit down in the adjoining dining room and eat the wonderful meal you just created.


NOTE: Exact hotels are subject to change due to availability, but will be same class and value.


June 1: Tour of Maras and Moray and Flight to Lima

  • Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch


You will be picked up from your hotel between 8-8:30AM. From Cusco it is a 1.5-hour drive through parts of the incredible Sacred Valley to Moray. During the drive, you will see incredible mountain peaks, farms and natural wonders. Our first stop will be Moray, which is one of the best-preserved examples of the terraced farming technique the Incas used to thrive in the Andes.


In Moray you will observe the concentric circles that made up an Inca agricultural laboratory. Your tour guide will lead you on a 5–10-minute hike down into the archaeological site. Once you reach the bottom, you will receive a guided tour of the site.


After touring Moray, you will drive a few miles down the road to Maras. This area is a collection of over 3,000 salt pools carved into a mountainside. These pools have been here for over 1,000 years and are fed daily by a stream of water from the mountain. It is truly a breathtaking site.


Following the tour of Maras, you will have lunch in a local Andean Village, where you will visit one of the many villages that we partner with in charitable work! You will share a meal with locals and have the opportunity to purchase any last-minute souvenirs.


Following lunch, you will have 1 hour drive back to your hotel in Cusco to collect your luggage. Your driver will then take you to the Cusco Airport for LATAM Flight #LA 2341, departing CUZ at 7:00PM and arriving to LIM at 8:25PM.


June 2: Flight from LIM to CVG


  • Meals Included: Breakfast

  • Accommodation: NA


For those that booked international flights, you will have a few hours in the LIM Airport to check your luggage and clear security before boarding United Flight UA 887, which departs Lima (LIM) at 11:05PM and arrives to Newark (EWR) at 08:10AM. In Newark you will have a 3.5-hour layover before boarding Flight UA 3474, which departs Newark at 11:58AM and arrives to CVG at 2:03PM.

End of services.

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