Galapagos Express

8 days | $2,500+ | 8 tours | No hikes | No tents
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Why this package?

  • Spend four days in the Galapagos

  • Discover hundreds of different animal

  • Option to snorkel, scuba dive and hike are all available

  • Visit the middle of the world

  • Tour the Otavalo Market

  • Visit the Peguche Waterfall

  • Option for hotels or yacht in the Galapagos (will impact cost)


What is included?

Two domestic flights

Seven nights in hotels/yacht

Eight day tours

Four full days in the Galapagos Islands

All transportation for tours

All meals during tours and hike

All professional guides and staff

All permits, tickets, taxes, and fees

Get an 8-day international adventure to explore world wonders for under $3,000

You get to Quito and we will handle the rest!

Schedule Overview

Day 1

Arrive in Quito

Pick up from UIO Airport

Check-in to your hotel

Free time in Quito

Three Tours

Colonial city tour of Quito

Tour of the middle of the world

Chocolate showroom tour

Day 3

Flight to Baltra

Flight to Baltra Island, in the Galapagos

Tour the highlands of Santa Cruz island

Tour of the Charles Darwin station

Tour of the Galapagos

Tour of Bartolome Island

Tour of South Plazas Island

Hotel or yacht in the Galapagos

Tour of the Galapagos

Tour of North Seymour Island

Tour of Plazas ISland

Hotel or yacht in the Galapagos

Day 6

Flight to Quito

Tour of Kicker Rock in the morning 

Flight from Baltra Island to Quito

Hotel in Quito 

Tour of Otalvalo Market

Tour of Otalvalo Indian Marketing in the morning

Tour of the Peguche waterfall in the afternoon

Hotel near the Quito airport (UIO)

Day 8

Flight home

Pick up from Quito hotel in the morning

Drop off at UIO Airport

End of services


Popular Questions

Short answer: "shoulder seasons", the Spring and Fall of North America. These months provide the best combo of good weather and lower crowds.

High elevation effects everyone differently. Two general pieces of advice: take it easy on your first day in Cusco and hydrate

We've compiled the ultimate packing list depending on which trip you're planning to take. Check it out at the link below

Ready for your adventure?

Schedule Details

Let's get specific...

Day 1

Welcome To Ecuador! 

  • Meals Included: None

  • Accommodations: Hotel Vieja Cuba in Quito


When you arrive in Ecuador, you will be welcomed by our representative and transferred to your charming hotel in modern Quito.

Free afternoon/evening in Quito.

NOTE: Please provide your customer service representative with your flight details prior to your arrival.

Day 2

Three Tours

  • Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch

  • Entrance Tickets: Included

  • Accommodations: Hotel Vieja Cuba in Quito


Today you will visit Quito, one of the most beautiful colonial cities in South America. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and was declared by UNESCO to be part of the Cultural Heritage of mankind. Your tour will explore the colonial section of the city, starting at Independence Square. Followed by tours of the presidential palace, city hall, the Sagrario church and the Cathedral.

You will then, visit the Compañía church (1605) and its breathtaking gilded altars, which are an incredible example of baroque art in America. After this, you will visit San Francisco church (1535). The tour continues with a visit to the art & crafts gallery of Tianguez and finally, a drive up to the Panecillo hill to enjoy an amazing view of Quito from above.


After visiting the colonial center of Quito you will travel to the Middle of the World! This is a quick 45 minute drive from Quito, located 25 km north of Ecuador’s capital. Upon arrival you will visit the Intiñan museum, where the latitude is 000 and you will experience all the interesting phenomenon that occur in this unique place.

You will then visit the Middle of the World Monument, where you will have the opportunity to stand in both hemispheres at the same time and take wonderful

The tour will continue with a drive back to Quito, with one more stop at the K’antu Chocolate showroom, where you will be shown the entire process of artisanal chocolate production, from beans to tablet.

Following this tour you will be taken to your hotel in Quito, arrival between 7-8PM.

Day 3

Flight to Baltra Island

  • Meals Included: Breakfast at hotel

  • Galapagos National Park Tax: Not Included, $100 USD, must be paid in person

  • Accommodations: Hotel Déjà Vu on Santa Cruz Island OR yacht 


After an early breakfast you will be taken to the Quito Airport for your flight to Baltra Island. Upon your arrival to the airport, you will be welcomed by your guide who will take you to nearby Santa Cruz Island to visit the highlands. You will be amazed by the island’s variety of wildlife and geology.

Beginning at the coast and traveling north towards Puerto Ayora, the road climbs through the agricultural zone and into the mist-covered forests of the highlands. Santa Cruz possesses all of the various life zones present in the archipelago. From the bright red feathers of a Vermilion Flycatcher or one of Darwin’s finches almost every land bird present on the Galapagos Islands can be found here.



The day will continue with a stop at one of the Santa Cruz ranches, where you will enjoy lunch. After lunch you will be able to explore the grounds of the range in search of giant tortoises.

Following lunch you will descend through the agricultural zone into the transition zone where the Tortoise Reserve is located, and the vegetation of the farmlands will rapidly give way to the islands’ native vegetation.  You will continue to Puerto Ayora for the rest of the afternoon for some leisure time at your hotel.

Days 4 & 5

Tour of the Galapagos

  • Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

  • Entrance Tickets: Included. 

  • Accommodations: Hotel Déjà Vu on Santa Cruz Island OR yacht 

Option 1: Bartolome Island

The option to Bartolome Island departs from Puerto Ayora early in the morning at 6AM. You will be transferred to the Itabaca channel, where a boat crew will be waiting. The journey to Bartolomé takes approximately 2 hours. During the trip, you may be accompanied by a school of dolphins jumping alongside the yacht.

Upon arriving to the island, you will have a dry disembarking (hopefully!). You will have a short climb on steps leading to the famous Roca del Pináculo viewpoint (Pinnacle Rock), which provides one of the most iconic views of the Galapagos. As you climb the steps, you will gradually become immersed in the fantastic volcanic landscape where dozens of red stone craters are spread over the island giving the appearance of a moonscape.

In the afternoon you will enjoy lunch aboard the boat as you cruise to a new location. During the ride you may be able to observe the small colonies of Galapagos Penguins (Spheniscus mendiculus) that nest in this area.

Upon reaching our next location you will then have the opportunity to snorkel with the Penguins as well as Sea Turtles and Starfish. This island has two beaches which are connected by dunes that are populated with nesting Sea Turtles. These beaches also provide the perfect location for observing Tiger Sharks. You will return to the hotel at between 4 – 5PM.

Option 2: South Plaza Island

This option leaves your hotel at 7:30AM. You will be taken on a boat from Santa Cruz island to the channel on South Plaza Island who’s turquoise waters contrast beautifully with the white sand and black lava of the shoreline. Beyond the shore lies a carpet of red scarlet sesuvium succulent plants, which are home to a grove of luminescent green prickly-pear cactus.

Once you arrive to the island you will have a short hike to find the yellow-grey land iguanas hiding beneath the cactus. As you walk along the coastline you will observe plenty of wildlife, including: sea lion colonies, frigate birds, swallow-tailed gulls and shearwaters birds. After exploring the island, you will go snorkeling in the crystal clear water.

Following this incredible experience you will have a late lunch on the island, after which you will re-board the boat to cruise back to your hotel.

Option 3: North Seymour Island

For this option, you will be picked up from the hotel at 7:30AM and taken to the channel of Itabaca, where the staff of your boat will be waiting for you. The trip will take around one hour. As you approach the island you will  be able to spot the Bursera Graveolens trees, that almost never carry any leaves.

Seymour Island was created many million years ago due to the elevation of tectonic plates. This geologic wonder left the island with a flat shape with many small cliffs that serve as homes for the local seabirds. Swallow-tailed gulls and frigate birds inhabit the island, frigate males will show off their big red throat pouches to find their mate.

As you disembark the ship you will take a path that is surrounded by blue footed boobies. Depending on the season you will be able to witness their intricate mating mating ritual during which they dance and whistle in a very unique way. It is also common to see these birds flying near the coasts looking for food. Once they spot a fish swimming near the surface they will dive into the water at a high speed, a stunt that they are only able to perform due to a special waterproof protection on their wings.

Seymour Island is known for being home to the best Galapagos species. During your visit you will be able to see: sea lions, sea and land iguanas, pelicans, royal frigate birds and much more. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity for world class snorkeling.

Following an amazing day enjoying this island you will be taken back to your hotel, arriving between 4 – 5PM.

Day 6

Flight to Quito

  • Meals Included: Breakfast 

  • Accommodations: Hotel Ilatoa Lodge in Quito


On the last morning of your Galapagos adventure you will be brought to the Baltra Airport for your return flight to Quito. Upon arrival to Quito, you will be met by a representative and transferred to your hotel close to the airport.

Day 7

Otavalo Indian Market and Peguche Waterfall Visit

  • Meals Included: Breakfast

  • Entrance Tickets: Included

  • Accommodations: Hotel Ilatoa Lodge in Quito



Today you will visit one of the largest and most colorful indigenous markets in Latin America. The Otavalo Market is famous around the world for its colorful tapestries, hand-knitted wool sweaters, native paintings, woodcarvings, silver jewelry, and much more. Test your bargaining skills with the locals! The people of the area of Otavalo are known as skilled craftspeople and great musicians.


After a visit to the market, you will go to the Peguche Waterfall, which are near Otavalo. After a short, refreshing walk you will reach the waterfall, which is holy for the people of Otavalo and used for rituals. After your tour, you will be brought back to Quito through the beautiful landscape of rural Ecuador.

Day 8

Flight home

  • Meals Included: Breakfast at hotel


In the morning, we will transfer you to the Quito (UIO) airport for your flight back home.