Our travel packages are the best way for you to experience peru



Our packages are designed with you in mind, we handle all of the logistics and planning. Our guides have decades of experience and we have compiled all of their favorite places to visit with input from past clients to create these customer itineraries. Our packages allow you to see as much of Peru as possible in your desired timeframe. 

These packages include:

  • Incredible activities for every day of your trip
  • Accommodations arranged for every night of your trip
  • All of your meals planned out
  • Tickets and permits for all the activities
  • Professional tour guides 
  • All domestic transportation
    • International flights available upon request


What's the difference between a package and a trek?

  • A package is your entire trip organized by us!
  • A package usually includes a trek or a train ride to Machu Picchu
  • On a Trek, you are responsible for planning and booking on the days before and after the trek

A package includes everything you need for your entire trip to Peru. With our packages we will arrange everything during your time in Peru, from your flights to your hotels.

A trek includes everything you need for just the 3-5 days of the trek. With a trek you are typically responsible for booking your flights to Cusco along with your hotels. In addition to any other activities you want to do while in Cusco.