Our Team

From left to right: Co-Founders, Erik, Michael & Preston with 2 Kusa Treks guides Lucho and Coco

From left to right: Co-Founders, Erik, Michael & Preston with 2 Kusa Treks guides Lucho and Coco

Erik Bayona: Co-Founder & Owner


Erik Bayona 

Our fearless leader!  

Erik Bayona is the founder of Kusa Treks, his lineage traces back to the Incas themselves. He grew up learning stories about Inca history and culture that have been passed down from generation-to-generation. He has traveled on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu over 400 times and is a resident expert on the tours and treks of Peru.

Erik has earned two University degrees, one in tourism and one in archeology. After graduating Erik worked on a cruise ship as a Tour Scout in order to travel the world to better understand global tourism and how to provide guests with life-changing experiences.

In the past 10 years Erik has developed an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise as one of Peru’s best Trek Leaders. Erik has led thousands of guests from around the world on various treks and tours across Peru. He has led groups consisting of: families with children, youth groups, high-school and university students, world travelers, and even a few international celebrities.

Erik was recently interviewed by National Geographic for his work as a tour guide, and his treks have been featured in several publications. Erik has a deep understanding and an infectious enthusiasm for Peruvian culture, Inca history, and the plant/wildlife indigenous to the Andes. His passion and knowledge are what set him apart as a guide and are what qualify him as the owner of Kusa Treks.

Erik’s 10+ years of planning and executing several hundred treks/tours has helped shape his vision for Kusa Treks; which he created to pursue his long-time dream of running a company that provides its guests with an unforgettable experience at each stage of their journey. Any trip planned by Erik is guaranteed to be a life-changing adventure and an experience you will cherish.

Erik currently lives in his home town of Ollantaytambo where he enjoys playing fùtbol and spending time with his wife and 2 children.

Michael: Co-Founder & U.S. Representative

The co-founders of Kusa Treks, Erik and Michael

The co-founders of Kusa Treks, Erik and Michael

Michael met Erik on the Classic Inca Trail trek in Spring 2016. They had an immediate connection and after hiking for four days Erik asked Michael to join him on the epic adventure of creating their own tour company.

Together Michael and Erik strive to provide their clients with a hassle free booking experience followed by an incredible, life-changing trip to Peru.