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There is so much natural and historic beauty throughout our country and we want to showcase as much of Peru as we can. We offer numerous treks and tours to help you discover Cusco and its surrounding areas. 

First things first, what is Cusco? Think of Cusco as a gateway to the Sacred Valley, which is where Machu Picchu resides. It is the closest "large" city to Machu Picchu and is an excellent place for travelers to experience Incan history along with a truly unique culture as they acclimatize to the altitude before embarking on a Peruvian adventure. We recommend all Kusa Treks travelers who wish to participate on a trek to spend at least 48 hours in Cusco before their trek to avoid altitude sickness. Please click here to learn more about Cusco. 

Kusa Treks is proud to offer customizable tour/trek options for the following:

  • Machu Picchu. Perhaps the most famous destination in Peru, we have several different options for getting to this historic landmark, including the classic 4 Day, 3 Night trek along the Inca Trail. 
  • Cusco City Tours. Enjoy guided tours of Cusco's historical sites, including the most important Incan Temple, Coricancha, who's walls were once covered in 3 inches of solid gold! These tours are perfect for travelers who have an extra day or two before or after they visit Machu Picchu or Choquequiaro.
  • Alternative Treks. Cusco is surrounded by jungles, rivers and mountains. In addition to our treks to Machu Picchu, Kusa Treks has numerous "alternative trek" options, that include: Rainbow Mountain, Salkantay Mountain, Lares Trek and many more. 
  • Choquequirao. A newly excavated set of Incan ruins, Choquequirao is 3X the size of Machu Picchu! We are honored to be one of the first tour companies ever to show visitors this incredible site. Choquequirao is so new that it is relatively untouched, so much so, that our trek includes 2 nights of camping on its ruins! 
  • Mountain Biking. Enjoy trails through the Salt Mines, which includes stunning vistas and technical trails for mountain bikers of all skill levels to enjoy. 
  • River Rafting. Adventurers can decide between 1 or 2 days of rafting down the Apurimac River, which boasts Level IV and V rapids. 

Compare each of our sensational tour options side-by-side. Click the following to learn more about: