4 Days

6 miles / day


A brand new trek, recently approved by the Peruvian Government. Best of both worlds! 

This trip combines the history of the Inca Trail with several cultural experiences of the Lares Hike.

  • All-inclusive trip! Click on "What's Included" to learn more
  • Professionally guided tour of several Inca Archeological Sites (including Machu Picchu)
  • Our guides are local to the Cusco Region, fluent in English and have several years of experience leading tours
  • Incredible cultural experiences that are only accessible by foot. Includes visits to farms, schools & communities
  • Donate supplies, toys & sports equipment to local children
  • Wildlife present throughout the trek
  • Enjoy private campsites, only accessible to Kusa Treks customers
  • Multiple micro-climates, including cloud forests, rain forests and mountain scenery
  • Learn how to make coffee from scratch with local families!

Prices are per person and in U.S. Dollars ($)


A "group tour" means you will be paired with other people that are doing the same hike on the same date as you.

PRIVATE TOUR PRICES: A "private tour" is just your group and our guides.

  • 2 - 3 People: $865
  • 4 - 6 People: $800
  • 7 - 9 People: $755
  • 9+ People: $715

To book a private tour - Click Here

  • A $200 deposit is required for each person. We use your deposit to secure hiking permits for the Inca Trail and entrance tickets for Machu Picchu in advance. The $200 will be deducted from your total price.
  • A 5% Transaction Fee will be added to the total cost if you pay via credit/debit card. We are charged to convert and transfer money. We do our best to keep this rate as low as possible.
  • We HIGHLY recommended that reservations are made 6+ months in advance. We cannot guarantee permit availability for trips requested less than 6 months in advance.


  • Transportation
  • Equipment Horse
  • Personal Porter
  • Food
  • Water
  • Professional Guides
  • Hiking Permit
  • Entrance Tickets
  • Medical Supplies
  • Accommodations


  • Hiking Equipment - (Available for Rent):
  • Sleeping Bag: $25
  • Inflatable Air Mattress: $15
  • Trekking Poles (2): $20 Guides
  • Huayna Picchu
  • Vista Dome Train



TRANSPORTATION: All transportation is included. However, if you would like to take the Vistadome train back to Cusco after the trek, rather than the "normal" train, tickets are an additional $70.

FOOD: All food is provided. In fact, we'll be hiking with a professional chef! Our chef and his staff will cook you some of the best meals you've ever eaten, and they'll do it in the middle of the Andes. Please notify our staff of any food allergies or restrictions and we will ensure that the food is prepared properly.

WATER: Your guides will supply all of the water you'll need on the trek. The water will first be boiled, then filtered and then cooled. You will need to bring a container for the water (Camelback, Nalgene, etc.), we recommend carrying at least 2L of water. Your water containers will be refilled at each meal.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDES: Kusa Treks strives for greatness and this starts and ends with our people. All of our trek leaders are locals to this region and studied Tourism and/or Archaeology in University. They are all fluent in English and are passionate about their work. Trust me when I say, there is no better person to be on a trip with than a Kusa Treks guide, you will be in incredible hands.

PERMITS & TICKETS: Once you pay the trip deposit, we will purchase your hiking permits as well as your entrance tickets for Machu Picchu. The government issues permits in your name, under your passport number, and for a specific time-frame; they cannot be changed once confirmed, which is why the initial deposit is non-refundable. We will also secure your train ticket back to Cusco at this time.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: Alright, emergency sounds a bit dramatic. However, you can be confident in your Trek Leader. All of Kusa Trek's guides receive extensive First Aid training from a qualified and licensed physician, and we conduct mandatory review/training sessions twice a year. Your Trek Leader will carry a Hiking First Aid kit (including oxygen), and should the need arise we will get you off of the trail and to a medical facility as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Note: We have never had to evacuate a hiker.

TENT: Your tents are provided, they are comfortable, roomy and cozy. Sleep well chicos!


HIKING EQUIPMENT: To complete a multi-day hike, you will need a sleeping bag, some type of camping mattress (ThermaRest), and walking poles (with rubber tips). If you do not wish to purchase or travel with these items, we have high quality equipment you can rent:

  • Sleeping Bag: $25
  • Inflatable Air Mattress: $15
  • Trekking Poles (2): $20

HUAYNA PICCHU (Wayna Picchu): Huayna Picchu is the pointy, tall mountain in the background of all the pictures of Machu Picchu. Tickets to climb it are available for travelers who wish to hike up an ancient staircase to the top of Machu Picchu's sister mountain. Hiking to the top of it provides adventurers with incredible, unique views of Machu Picchu. This secondary hike will have a 1-hour ascent, 15 minutes to take selfies and high-five at the top of the mountain, and then a 45-minute descent. FYI, the ascent and descent are pretty steep, but totally worth it! Price: $75/person

NOTE: tickets to ascend Huayna Picchu are limited, and are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

VISTA DOME TRAIN: On the way back from Machu Picchu to Cusco, we will book tickets on a "regular" train. However, there is a company that offers a train ride in a "Vista Dome Train" through the Sacred Valley. This train has glass walls and a glass ceiling, which provide panoramic views of the surrounding beautiful Andes mountain-side. Tickets include in-trip meals and entertainment. Price: $70/ticket.

Lares & Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu 4-DAY ITINERARY:

Day 1: The Journey Begins!

Pick up from your hotel in Cusco. 3.5 hour drive to the trail head. 6-7 hours of hiking through incredible mountain scenary to Cuyoc, our first campsite.

Day 2: mountain passes, Local Villages & hot springs

Early start. Uphill hike to the Pumahuanca Pass. Lunch on the banks of a cyrstal blue mountain lake. Visit remote village of Campesinos, learn about Llama herding. Campsite in Lares Village on the banks of the Lares Hot Springs.

Day 3: The Inca Trail & sunset at Machu Picchu

Very early start. Private transportation from Lares Campsite, 3.5 hours to Ollantaytambo. Train ride to the Inca Trail, full day of hiking on the Inca Trail. Visit several Inca archeological sites, including the Sun Gate! See Machu Picchu at sunset. Hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Day 4: machu picchu tour & back to cusco

10-minute bus ride from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu Park. Two hour guided tour of the "Lost City". Option for personal time at Machu Picchu or hike Huyana Picchu. Train ride back to Cusco, arrive in Cusco around 7PM.


DAY 1: The Journey Begins!

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max Altitude: 13,123ft. (4,000m)
  • Min Altitude: 9,186ft. (2,800m)
  • Distance Hiked: ~8.7 miles (14 km)
  • Descent: 3,937ft. (1,200m)
  • Walking Time: 6-7 hours
Note: Our trekking times are approximate, and will vary depending on: weather conditions, group ability and other factors.


Our private bus will pick you up directly from your hotel at 5:30AM. You can choose to recline in your seat and sleep for a couple more hours or you can enjoy an incredibly scenic drive through the heart of the Sacred Valley. We’ll drive past Chincheros and stop in the quaint town of Urubamba (Altitude = 9,400ft. / 2,800m) for a brief toilet break and a chance to buy any last minute snacks, water, batteries, etc. You’ll be served breakfast here and enjoy a warm cup of Coca Tea to officially start the day.

We’ll depart Urubamba between 7:15-7:30, and after driving for another 20-30 minutes we’ll enter the Pumahuanca Valley, known for the Peruvian white corn that the famous Inca beer Chinca is made from. This stunning valley is also where we’ll commence our hike! After stopping, we’ll meet the chef, the trek staff, the horses and horse handlers (Arrieros). All of the equipment we’ll need during the trek will be carried by mules and horses.

The hike begins with a backdrop of striking scenery of the lush vegetation of the Andes. We’ll hike on a trail made of gravel that begins with gentle switchbacks, which will take us from an altitude of 9,400ft. (2,800m.) up to 11,800ft. (3,600m.) in the first few hours. During the first stretch of our hike take your time and look around at the incredible views of the surrounding valley and mountains! After 4 hours on the trail we’ll arrive at an ancient Inca Complex called “Inca-Kancha”, where you'll enjoy a guided tour of this amazing archaeological site.


After the tour we’ll find a good spot to relax and enjoy lunch. You’ll get to experience the first meal prepared by our world-renowned chef who will make some of the most incredible food you’ve ever tasted! And he’ll do it in the middle of the wilderness! We’ll unwind for a bit and enjoy the scenery that stretches out around us.

After lunch we’ll continue on the trail to the small Andean community of P’accha, where we’ll meet the local inhabitants along with their herds of llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats! You will observe how these incredible communities of farmers thrive in the harsh environment of the Andes. You'll have the opportunity to learn firsthand how to many clothing and other materials from the wool of llamas & alpacas.

We will also visit a local school where many of our clients choose to donate supplies, sports equipment & toys for the local children. You'll be able to play games and learn from these incredible individuals.


After interacting with the locals we’ll hike for 2 more hours to reach our campsite for the night called Cuyoc (13,000ft. / 4,000m.), which is set in a stunning landscape of waterfalls and has lovely vistas of the peaks of Andes around us.

Each night we will have a family "tea-time", where we'll enjoy hot chocolate, a variety of teas and snacks together to wind down from the efforts of our hike. We'll swap stories and prepare to eat a delicious and hot dinner being prepared by our chef and his staff. If the weather allows, your guide will show you the Inca Constellations in the millions of bright stars that stretch overhead.

After dinner your Tour Guides will go over our plans for the next great day. Buenas Noches!

DAY 2: mountain passes, Local Villages & hot springs

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Max Altitude: 15,100ft. (4,600m)
  • Min Altitude: 8,792ft. (2,680m)
  • Distance Traveled: 6.5 miles (10.5 km)
  • Descent: 6,308ft. (1,923m)
  • Walking Time: 8-9 hours


Our crew will wake you up at 6:00AM with smiles and a hot cup of Coca Tea. We’ve got an incredible day ahead of us, that starts with a hot breakfast, including Quinoa Pancakes! We’ll recommence our trek at 7:00AM with scenic views of the Chicon, San Juan and Veronica mountains.

The start of our hike will be a challenging 4-hour club along a dirt road and stone steps, we’re heading toward the Pumahuanca Pass (15,100ft. / 4,600m.). We’ll pass several Apacheta’s, which is a stack of piled stones, assembled by pilgrims as a symbol of gratitude and respect to the Apus (Bird of Paradise). Upon reaching the Pass we’ll honor the top of the mountain by performing a local ritual involving Coca Leaves and the blood of the youngest person in our group (kidding!). From the top of this pass you can see incredible views of Moray, Maras and Salineras stretching out far below, it's a truly breathtaking view.


After enjoying the scenery we’ll begin an hour-long descent down a stone road, which has more lovely views on both sides. At mid-day we’ll break for lunch, which we'll eat on the banks of an incredible, crystal blue mountain lake. Enjoy another fabulous meal prepared by our chef, while you relax and recoup your energy. After our lunch we’ll have 2 more hours of mainly downhill hiking to reach another local village.

This village is full of color and Campesinos (local, friendly people). The men and women of this village wear the same colorful costumes that their Inca ancestors wore hundreds of years ago. As you interact with the locals be sure to appreciate the environment that they thrive in! This village is surrounded with magnificent views of mountains and valleys, there are also herds of llamas and alpacas that graze in these hills.

In this little village we’ll visit the home of the Arriero (Lead Herder), who is a person of great respect and status in these herding communities. He will share stories of the village and tell us how to live with a deep connection with nature. We’ll learn about, and even witness, several of their ancient traditions, including: agricultural practices, weaving's, textiles, herbal-ism and much more.


After our visit in the village we’ll use a private van to get to the Lares Village, which is the namesake and pinnacle of the Lares Trek! The Lares Village is famous for its medicinal hot springs and also has brilliant mountain lagoons and lakes! If you'd like, you will have the opportunity to change into your bathing suits and soak in one of the pools fed by the medical hot springs.

After a refreshing dip in the springs, we’ll enjoy another wonderful meal prepared by our chef and his staff and turn in for the night at our campsite, which will be right next to the pools of natural hot springs.

DAY 3: The Inca Trail & sunset at Machu Picchu

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Maximum Altitude: 8,792ft. (2,680m)
  • Minimum Altitude: 6,888ft. (2,100m)
  • Distance Traveled: ~5.6 miles (9 km)
  • Descent: 1,904ft. (580m)
  • Walking Time: 4-5 hours


We start very early today! Our transportation will pick us up from the Lares Campsite at 4:00AM, and we’ll start our 3.5-hour drive to the train station in Ollantaytambo, where we’ll board an Expedition Train headed for the Trail Head of the Inca Trail (Km 104). After 1 hour and 45-minute train ride we’ll start our journey on the Inca Trail by submitting our passports at a check control point.

Once on the trail we start with an easy walk near the Vicanota River. The trail will gradually begin to incline as we head for the Chachabamba Ruins, which is a set of Inca Ruins that include a stone alter used to worship the sun and mountains. This site is still used by the locals that live in this area to pay tribute to the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

After our visit of these historic ruins our path will lead south with a steady incline up the mountain, where we’ll enter a beautiful cloud forest! The trail then opens into into a breathtaking open meadow on the top of the mountain. Our scenery will continue to impress as we begin to descend the mountain into an incredible rain forest, highlighted with a majestic waterfall! Seriously, this stretch of the trail is magnificent and will likely take up a lot of memory on your phone or camera.


Once we reach the bottom of the valley we’ll explore a set of Inca Ruins called Winaywayna, we encourage you to take your time and appreciate the beauty of this incredible place. Your guide will explain the importance and meaning of these ruins after which we’ll break for another incredible meal, which we’ll eat right on the ruins. After we finish lunch we’ll hike through another cloud forest full of bromeliads, orchids and tree ferns, which combine to make a dazzling display of Andean beauty.

After a few minutes we’ll begin to pass several age-old monuments built by the Incas including stone stairs and drums. We’ll have the opportunity to climb 60 of these stairs in order to reach the famous Intil Punku (“Sun Gate”). The Sun Gate is an architectural wonder built by the Incas hundreds of years ago, at dawn on the summer equinox the sun will pass throw the Sun Gate and strike a pool of sacred water in the Sun Temple located in the center of Machu Picchu.


From our position at the Sun Gate you will have an incredible vantage point to view the ruins of Machu Picchu below. We’ll descend stone steps built by the Incas for 45 minutes to reach the famous viewpoint that Machu Picchu is best observed; we will spend a few minutes here taking pictures and observing the sun set behind the city of Machu Picchu! After enjoying the sunset we’ll walk to the entryway of these ruins where we’ll take a 15-minute bus ride to the charming town of Aguas Calientes.

Once we reach the city we’ll enjoy a lovely meal together at a local restaurant and turn in for the night at the Seven Mapi Hotel (or something similar). Accommodations and dinner in Aguas Calientes are included in the trek. We’ll go over the plans for the next day and catch up on our sleep after a long day!

DAY 4: machu picchu tour & back to cusco

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Max Altitude: 7,872ft. (2,400m)
  • Min Altitude: 6,888ft. (2,100m)
  • Distance Hiked: ~2 miles (walking around Machu Picchu)
  • Walking Time: 4-5 hours


It is entirely up to the group when you would like to start this exciting day! Today you will discover Machu Picchu, the world famous Sacred City of the Incas. The majority of travelers choose to wake up around 4:30AM, so that we can eat a quick breakfast and head over the bus station where we will catch the first bus from Aguas Calientes, drive 20 minutes to Machu Picchu, and arrive right when the gates open at 6AM as the sun is rising over the lost city. It is truly magical to experience a sunrise over these ruins, as the mists part and the city rises from the clouds stone by stone.

All of our guides have been to Machu Picchu hundreds of times and will lead you to the best places to view the ruins before the "crowds" arrive that day. Once the city begins to fill with more tourists we will start our walking, guided tour, which will start with the impressive Temple of the Sun. We will see several iconic areas of Machu Picchu including: The Citadel, The Royal Tomb, the Main Plaza, the Condor Temple and much more.

After the guided tour you will have plenty of time to explore the City of the Clouds on your own; those who have secured permits to climb Huayna Picchu will do that hike at this time. If you chose not to hike Huayna Picchu you can join your guide on an hour long walk on the Inca Trail up to the Sun Gate, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of Machu Picchu.


After we've had our fill of the incredible Lost City we will head back to the entrance of Machu Picchu Park to the bus station. The bus back to Aguas Calientes will depart between 2:30-3:00PM, we will enjoy a lunch together (not included) before you head to the train station to go back to Cusco. We usually book the 4:20PM train back to Ollantaytambo, where our private van will be waiting for you to take you the remaining 2-3 hours back to Cusco.

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