Immunizations and Vaccines

Whether you need vaccination shots will depend on what type of activities you will do while you're in Peru.

You will need the Yellow Fever and Malaria vaccine if you plan to visit the Amazon Jungle, or any area that is <7,546ft. (2,300m.) or lower in elevation. 

You will not require a vaccine if you are planning to limit your visit to one or more of the following:

Because the Cusco region of Peru is at such a high altitude (>11,000ft, 3,400m), you do not need any vaccines or special shots.

As an added precaution some folks will get their Hep A and/or Typhoid vaccines. The biggest thing to mentally prepare for is the elevation. Altitude sickness is random and effects everyone differently. 

Travelers' diarrhea is the other most common form of illness for visitors to Peru. Some tips on avoiding this are:

  • Eat food that is cooked and served hot, fruits and vegetables you have washed in clean water or peeled yourself, and pasteurized dairy products. It is best to avoid raw fruits and vegetables, unless you have seen them prepared using boiled or bottled water. The food we serve during our treks is prepared in a way that is safe for foreign travelers. 
  • Don’t eat food served at room temperature, food from street vendors, or raw or undercooked (rare) meat or fish.
  • Drink bottled water that is sealed, ice made with bottled or disinfected water, and bottled or canned carbonated drinks.
  • Don’t drink tap or well water or drinks with ice made with tap or well water or unpasteurized milk.