We are Kusa Treks

We are Kusa Treks. We take amazing people (like you) on amazing tours and treks of Peru. “Kusa” means “good” or “great” in the Inca language, and we strive to do everything with greatness!

We started Kusa Treks because we believe that the precious moments you get to spend exploring this incredible world should be as close to perfect as possible. Our mission is provide fantastic adventures that are both hassle free and unforgettable. We want your focus, as our guests, to be on the experiences we’ll share on our treks, and not on the headaches of booking them.

Erik Bayona is the founder of Kusa Treks - he is a native to Peru and his heritage links directly to the Ancient Incas. He is passionate about Inca history and the Andes mountain range that their empire inhabited. Erik studied tourism and archeology during University and is a 10 year trekking guide veteran, who has completed over 400 treks to Machu Picchu in his career.

Kusa Treks is passionate about:

  1. Helping the people of Peru

    • We are all responsible to love and help our neighbors as best we can. Kusa Treks takes pride in giving back to our communities and providing work and aid to those who need it.

    • Porters are local men that assist in carrying the supplies on treks. All trekking companies hire Porters, and Kusa Treks is dedicated to making sure our Porters are treated fairly and compensated generously for the work they do.

    • Many of our Treks give back directly to the villages and communities that we pass through, in fact, as a visitor you will have the opportunity to bring toys, school supplies and other goods to share with local children if you so choose.

  2. Preserving Peru

    • Along with taking care of our people, we are passionate about preserving the earth. Kusa Treks practices the highest environmental standards in everything we do. The majority of our treks and tours involve interacting with nature, and we are focused on co-existing with nature, rather than ruining its majesty.

    • Some of our efforts include, serving eco-friendly food, which is organic, pesticide free, and delicious. We also only use biodegradable packaging for our food products and have a strict, “pack out, what you pack in” policy.

    • We travel with a dedicated “environment porter”, whose job is to collect garbage left on the trails by other groups during our hike. And to help pack out the trash we use throughout the trek.

  3. Gaining your trust and exceeding your expectations

    • Taking an international trip is big deal, we get it.  We understand how much trust you are putting in us to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

    • We take our job incredibly seriously and we are committed to excelling as guides, trek leaders, historians, and friends.

    • Providing you with a phenomenal experience is our only focus and everything we do as a company we do make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

We are Kusa Treks and we can’t wait to share a life-changing experience with you!


-- Erik and the Kusa Treks team