9 Days

3 miles / day


Experience History, Culture & More! All-inclusive trip with every detail planned out. 

Tour Cusco - the Capital of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca

  • All-inclusive trip! Click on "What's Included" to learn more
  • Professionally guided tours of several Inca Archeological Sites (including Machu Picchu)
  • Our guides are local to the Cusco Region, fluent in English and have several years of experience leading tours
  • Incredible cultural experiences, including an over-night stay in a local village
  • Donate supplies, toys & sports equipment to local children
  • Multiple micro-climates, including cloud forests, rain forests and mountain scenery
  • Visit islands in the middle of the highest lake in South America

Prices are per person and in U.S. Dollars ($)

PRICE PER PERSON - Without International Flights: $1,800

  • Pricing does not include International Flights. We do have a Travel Team that can arrange flights. The price will vary depend on time of booking and depature city, please contact us to learn more.
  • A $350 deposit is required for each person. We use your deposit to secure your domestic flights and entrance tickets for Machu Picchu in advance. The $350 will be deducted from your total price.
  • A 5% Transaction Fee will be added to the total cost if you pay via credit/debit card. We are charged to convert and transfer money. We do our best to keep this rate as low as possible.
  • We HIGHLY recommended that reservations are made 4+ months in advance. We cannot guarantee permit availability for trips requested less than 4 months in advance.


  • Domestic Flights (From Lima to Cusco and from Juliaca back to Lima)
  • All in-country transportation (private van, train, bus)
  • Meals
  • Water
  • Professional Guides
  • Entrance Tickets
  • Hotels & Accommodations


  • International flight (we are happy to arrange this, but will include a $20 booking fee)
  • Huayna Picchu
  • Vista Dome Train



TRANSPORTATION: All in-country transportation is included, including domestic flights. However, if you would like to take the Vistadome train back to Cusco after the trek, rather than the "normal" train, tickets are an additional $70.

FOOD: All food is provided. Please notify our staff of any food allergies or restrictions and we will ensure that the food is prepared properly.

WATER: Your guides will supply all of the water you'll need on the trip.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDES: Kusa Treks strives for greatness and this starts and ends with our people. All of our trek leaders are locals to this region and studied Tourism and/or Archaeology in University. They are all fluent in English and are passionate about their work. Trust me when I say, there is no better person to be on a trip with than a Kusa Treks guide, you will be in incredible hands.

PERMITS & TICKETS: Once you pay the trip deposit, we will purchase your touring permits as well as your entrance tickets for Machu Picchu. The government issues permits in your name, under your passport number, and for a specific time-frame; they cannot be changed once confirmed, which is why the initial deposit is non-refundable. We will also secure your flights and train ticket back to Cusco at this time.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: Alright, emergency sounds a bit dramatic. However, you can be confident in your Trek Leader. All of Kusa Trek's guides receive extensive First Aid training from a qualified and licensed physician, and we conduct mandatory review/training sessions twice a year. Your Trek Leader will carry a Hiking First Aid kit (including oxygen), and should the need arise we will get you to a medical facility as quickly and comfortably as possible.
Note: This has never happened!

Hotels: The price includes 3-star hotel accomodations for all 8 nights. We vet all of our hotels to ensure cleanliness, safety & comfort. Sleep well chicos!


HUAYNA PICCHU (Wayna Picchu): Huayna Picchu is the pointy, tall mountain in the background of all the pictures of Machu Picchu. Tickets to climb it are available for travelers who wish to hike up an ancient staircase to the top of Machu Picchu's sister mountain. Hiking to the top of it provides adventurers with incredible, unique views of Machu Picchu. This secondary hike will have a 1-hour ascent, 15 minutes to take selfies and high-five at the top of the mountain, and then a 45-minute descent. FYI, the ascent and descent are pretty steep, but totally worth it! Price: $75/person

NOTE: tickets to ascend Huayna Picchu are limited, and are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

VISTA DOME TRAIN: On the way back from Machu Picchu to Cusco, we will book tickets on a "regular" train. However, there is a company that offers a train ride in a "Vista Dome Train" through the Sacred Valley. This train has glass walls and a glass ceiling, which provide panoramic views of the surrounding beautiful Andes mountain-side. Tickets include in-trip meals and entertainment. Price: $70/ticket.

The Best of Cusco & the Sun Route Tour

Day 1: Welcome to Peru!

We will meet you at the Lima airport and transfer you to your hotel, located in the in Miraflores district.

Day 2: Flight to Cusco. Free day in Cusco.

In the morning, we will transfer you to the Lima airport for your flight to Cusco. We will be waiting for you at the airport in Cusco, and will drive you to your hotel. You will have a free afternoon to explore Cusco. *Flight to Cusco included in price*.

Day 3: Tour of Cusco

You will have a free morning in Cusco. In the afternoon we will take you on a historic tour of the city of Cusco, which served as the Captial of the Inca Emprire. We will visit the most important sites of the city, including the ruins above Cusco.

Day 4: Tour of the Sacred Valley

Today we will venture outside of Cusco by private van through the Sacred Valley. We'll tour many Inca archaeological sites and visit local communities scattered throughout this fertile valley. Our tour will end with a train ride to Aguas Calientes, where you will stay for the evening.

Day 5: Machu Picchu

Today is a special day! You will discover the Lost of City of the Incas. We will wake up early and take a 15-minute bus from Aguas Calientes to the gates of Machu Picchu. Enjoy a 2 hour professionally guided tour of the ruins, followed by free to explore on your own. After our incredible visit we will take a train back to Cusco.

Day 6: Journey on the Sun Route to Puno

Enjoy a first-class bus ride through the southeastern region of Peru as you journey to Puno. During the ride you will make several stops to tour Inca and even pre-Inca ruins. Once you arrive, our representative will meet you in Puno and take you to your hotel.

Day 7: Lake Titicaca - The Floating Island

Boat tour across Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America. Journey to the floating islands of Uros. Explore the islands and stay overnight with a local family.

Day 8: Lake Titicaca - Taquile Island

Breakfast with local family followed by another boat to the next set of islands called Taquile. Learn about textiles and agriculture from the local inhabitants of this island. Boat ride back to Puno and private transfer to your hotel.

Day 9: Goodbye!

Private transfer to the Juliaca Airport for your flight back to Lima.


DAY 1: Welcome to Peru!

  • Accomodations: Casa Andina in Miraflores District of Lima
  • Meals Included: None


*If you booked your own International Flights, please provide us your flight details prior to your arrival*

We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel, located in the in Miraflores district.

DAY 2: Flight to Cusco. Free Day in Cusco.

  • Accomodations: Hotel Rumi Punku
  • Meals Included:Breakfast


In the morning, we will transfer you to the Lima Airport for your flight to Cusco. After your 1 hour and 15 minute flight, we will greet at the airport in Cusco, and transfer you to your hotel.

You will have a free afternoon to explore Cusco. *Flight to Cusco included in price*

DAY 3: Tour of Cusco

  • Accomodations: Hotel Rumi Punku
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Entrance Tickets: Included


You have some free time this morning to sleep in, relax or explore a little bit of Cusco on your own.


At 1PM we will meet you in your hotel lobby to begin the Tour of Cusco. We'll start the tour Q'oricancha, the Temple of the Sun. At Q'oricancha you will see the differences between the Inca and Spanish building methods. This was the Spiritual Center of the entire Inca Empire and as such the construction here is amazing. Dozens of roads lead from Q'oricancha to the four quarters of the entire Inca Empire.

After Q'oricancha the group will walk down the Avenida El Sol, where we'll catch a bus, which will take us just outside of the city. The 25 minute drive will take you to the majestic Inca site of Sacsayhuaman, which has enigmatic monoliths weighing as much as 200 tons! Your guide will offer an explanation of this phenomenal site and you will have extra time to do a bit of exploring on your own.

From Sacsayhuaman it is a 5 minute bus ride to the Q'enqo Inca site. These ruins include fascinating Inca altars. Next is another 5 minute drive to Puca Pucara, which is a small, circular Inca site. The final stop on our tour is Tambomachay, the Inca water temple thought to be used by the ancient civilization for bathing, with its impressive water fountains.

After touring all of these sites we'll drive back down to Cusco where the tour ends at your hotel.

DAY 4: Tour of the Sacred Valley

  • Accomodations: Inka Tower Hotel
  • Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Entrance Tickets: Included


We will leave the hotel at 8AM and take a road that winds around the mountains north of Cusco. On the way we will stop at a famous point known as El Mirador (Lookout Point). From here we will be able to see the Sacred Valley in its entirety, while Erik explains a bit of Inca history.

The Sacred Valley was a key area of settlement for the Incas. It has an amazing combination of agreeable climate and fertile plains that allowed for an abundance of crops for the usually unforgiving climate of the high Andes. Here the Incas sculpted vast mountain valleys with their world famous contour terracing and irrigation channels. Your guide will point out the best vantage points to get the best pictures.


Later on, we will drive towards the ruins of Pisac. At these ruins you will see and learn about different aspects of Inca culture. We'll see amazing works of art carved into stone as well as impressive agricultural terraces. After exploring the upper plains, we will drive back to the lower part of Pisac, where there is a bustling handicraft market that shouldn´t be missed.

At the market you will have free time to walk around and do some bargain hunting for souvenirs and clothing made of alpaca or llama wool. Afterwards we will meet for lunch in a nice local restaurant where we will enjoy delicious Andean food.


After lunch we will continue our tour. We will drive along the Urubamba River towards the town of Ollantaytambo. Here, we will tour a set of important ruins that were constructed during the Inca's heydays. This extraordinary Inca site also contains an amazing rock formation representing the Inca god Wiracocha.

After touring this site, you will board your train for the two hour ride to Aguas Calientes. During this breathtaking train ride, you will see glaciers, snow-capped peaks, lush, green valleys and Inca farming terraces and ruins. Before your arrive in Aguas Clients (2,000m/6,000ft above sea level), you will enter the subtropical areas with bromiliads and ferns. Our representative will meet you just outside the train station and take you to your hotel.

DAY 5: Machu Picchu

  • Accomodations: Rumi Punku
  • Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Entrance Tickets: Included


Today starts with an early morning! We'll eat breakfast at 04:30am, so that we can board the first bus to Machu Picchu, which departs at 05:20am, Machu Picchu park opens at 6:00am. We will be one of the first groups inside the gates and we'll start the day with a professionally guided tour of Machu Picchu. We'll walk around this enigmatic and mysterious city for 2-3 hours.

You will visit the most amazing places, such as the Royal Mausoleum, the Temple of the three windows, the main temple, the Sacred Plaza, the famous Intihuatana where wise Incas determined the exact date and time that the sun would pass through the Sun Gate during the winter solstice. You will tour stairways, temples, plazas, fountains, etc. You will then have about 3-4 hours of personal time to explore on your own, or climb Huyana Picchu (1.5 hour roundtrip).

NOTE: If you would like to climb Huayna Picchu, we need to know at the time of booking as tickets need to be booked in advance. Tickets are an additional $35USD.


After finishing our visit to Machu Picchu, you can either take an hour-long walk down to Aguas Calientes, or wait for the 15-minute bus ride ($12 extra). You will enjoy lunch in Aguas Calientes, then we will have some free time to explore this quaint village before boarding our train back to Cusco.

DAY 6: Journey on the Sun Route to Puno

  • Accomodations: Hotel Casa Andina
  • Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Entrance Tickets: Included


After early an breakfast, we will transfer you to the Cusco bus station, where you will board a Tourist Bus.

Today is a full day ride to the southeastern region of Peru called Puno. You will enjoy several stops along the way to visit Inca and pre-Inca ruins. When you arrive to Puno, our representative will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel.

DAY 7: Lake Titicaca - The Floating Island

  • Accomodations: Overnight stay with a local family
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Entrance Tickets: N/A


We will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to the lake's port. You will begin the day by traveleing across the lake on boat tour to the floating islands of Uros, where you will have time to explore.

Your guide will show you some of the more remote parts of the island where you'll enjoy a delcious lunch.


Following, you will take a boat to the next island, where you will meet the local family that you will be staying with for the evening. You will learn how the indigenous people of the lake live.

In the late afternoon, you will climb a mountain to watch the sunset and participate in a party with locals.


Tonight will be a basic accommodation, but a memorable one, as you will be surrounded by a nice family. The family will cook an incredible dinner made with local dishes.

DAY 8: Lake Titicaca - Taquile Island

  • Accomodations: Hotel Casa Andina
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Entrance Tickets: N/A


You will have an early breakfast with the family before you board a boat that will take you to the next set of islands called Taquile.


You will spend the afternoon learning from locals about agricultre and textiles and how generations have thrived on these islands.

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and Taquile Island is one of the larger islands in the lake. Enjoy the incredible views of the crystal blue water and the ruggesd mountain landscape that surround you. This is an incredibly beautiful place in the world and you will have time to appreciate its natural beauty before your boat ride back to Puno.


We will get back on the boat around 4:30PM and ride back to Puno, our representative will meet you at the dock to drive you to your hotel.

DAY 9: Goodbye!


When you are ready, we will transfer you to Juliaca's Airport for departure to the Lima Airport.

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